About Me

Everyone who walks through the door of a real estate office has a major life change on the horizon.  It may be immediate or down the road a couple of years, but change is coming.  It is my job as a facilitator and advisor to find and execute the best strategy for bringing my client’s goals to fruition. I am responsive to the needs and goals of my clients. Through my fourteen years of real estate experience I have gathered the knowledge and tools to make this happen. 


There is a great satisfaction in meeting a client after closing – perhaps years after- and hearing from them how happy they are with the decisions they made and my part in the transaction. This is the core of my real estate practice.  My goal is that each client will feel successful and fully satisfied.  In today’s complex world of buying and selling homes or land there can be moments of anxiety along the way.  My job is to find and help execute a good solution that creates fairness and moves the transaction to a successful closing.


I have lived on Vashon Island for twenty nine years.  I raised my son here and I have been privileged to be an active part of such a caring community.  With my knowledge and experience in buying and selling homes on Vashon I am prepared to help you achieve your objective of moving forward to the next stage of your life.


Please contact me with any questions of concerns.  I would love to talk with you about your needs and desires.  It is my policy to work at the highest level of integrity and ethical standards.